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A photograph of my husband and I, when we were still engaged, hugging each other on our new balcony of our new apartment that we signed the lease for to move into once we got married. An aerial photograph of the red dirt ground speckled with the biggest ant hills I have ever seen, right before touching down in Uganda after waiting and praying for it for years. And a photograph of my dad tickling me at age three with nothing but a diaper on and a finger in my nose, unaware that he wouldnt be there a year later. These are my favorite photographs, not because of how pretty I look, or how perfect everything is, but because when I look at them, I am flooded with emotions and memories that I treasure. That photograph of my husband and I? It reminds me of that cool Spring day and how much fun we had taking engagement pictures and how excited we were to start this new adventure of ours. The photograph of the red dirt ground? Waves of the smells and the sounds of Uganda wash over me, and I'm reminded of the perseverance and the blessing of waiting on God's timing. And the photograph of my dad and I? It shows me how much my dad loved me and his relaxed, fun, and happy spirit, when I was too young to remember it myself.